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How to get Xbox live codes online for free to use

Xbox has been one of the most preferred gaming platforms for several people around the globe. This platform has managed to provide the gamers with a unique experience that they have loved over the years and thus preferred to use this over many others. The Xbox is a platform where you can connect with other players and enjoy your favorite multiplayer games that are well operated in this platform. Xbox has 2 popular versions the Xbox one and the Xbox 360 both of which are very much in use.

What is Xbox Live? 

Xbox Live is a popular app that connects you online with other players and helps you to play online multiplayer games in the Microsoft platform like windows. A number of apps are Netflix, ESPN and HBO Go are available in the Xbox live. But you can access these apps only when you pay for the Xbox live gold membership.

Try out the Xbox live gold membership for free

Microsoft gives you the opportunity to try out the Xbox live gold membership for free for a span of 30 days after which if you want to take advantage of this you will need to make a purchase. This is where the Free xbox live codes 2019 come into action. Several online hacking tools and sites are available that will supply you with online cheat codes with the help of which you will be able to access the Xbox live without paying for it.

Play online even without a gold membership

A while ago Microsoft announced that the players will be able to aces their online gaming accounts from their usual Xbox accounts in both Xbox One as well as Xbox 360. So, if you just want to connect with fellow players to enjoy a game online you can definitely do that. But if you want to enjoy the premium apps like Netflix and HBO and many others then you will have to pay and get the Xbox gold membership or else you can simply get a cheat code.

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MX Player – Best Player for Every Audio and Video!

MX Player has mostly been an offline player that supported a variety of formats on the android phones in India. The era before the introduction of Jio was a time in India when data usage was not as prominent as now and the videos were shared using other technologies different from the ones needing internet connections like Bluetooth, share it etc. MX player HD can work with almost any format thrown at it, thus making it very popular amongst the android users from every towns and city.

Some of the users of the player has been using this ever since they became android users and say that they have never found any reason to uninstall or not favour the app. Here are some of the reasons for the popularity of this app amongst the users

  • An array of video format support: The need of third party android players arises due to the lack of the format supported by the pre-installed android players in the cell phone. A majority of the Android players support only the trendy formats like 3GP and MP4. Other files, like MKV, for example, needs to be transferred to the laptop or PC to watch if you are not an MX player Also, there are some features that decrease the battery in the mobile for better battery backup.
  • Subtitle support available: There are a lot of people out there who are not multilingual but like to watch multilingual videos or maybe the people who not early sound need subtitles in the videos to enjoy and understand the videos. Download MX player apk, it supports all formats in subtitles too and even gives the facility to download it from the web. The plus one about this feature that you can move it anywhere you want on the screen.
  • Streaming from the web: The mobile browser doesn’t usually provide us with the correct full-screen look and feel. You can use MX player here as your alternative to watching videos from the web. There are two ways to watch the network video content.

One, by tapping the link your device will give you a list of options to stream the video on. Second is that you can directly watch the video after choosing the correct option from the interface.

  • Sound Effects: MX player offers to you various hardware encoders depending on your mobile type and some of its own. Depending on your codec version and device, you might have the optional feature of doubling the voice which can help you in playing videos in a noisy However, it is not very encouraged as it can cause damage to the speakers.
  • Background Playing: This is something which obviously YouTube and many inbuilt android video players have not achieved to date, but the MX player This lets you play the video in the background and only listen to the audio on your cell phone. All you have to do is tap and hold on the play button and the feature is on.

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Read The Features and Processes for Getting UC Browser for PC

The popular mobile web browser, UC Browser is now made available for download for your Windows PC. Like other popular web browsers, UC Browser comes with added customization and personalization features and offers you lighting speed browsing experience on your Windows PC and Laptop. It also has other amazing features like UC Free Wi-Fi which enables the users to share their internet connection with other Laptop or Mobile phones. So, to make your browsing experience really enhanced and improved you need to ensure to get UC Browser for PC on your laptop or Windows desktop. Is UC Browser Compatible with all PCs? Yes. The process for downloading and installation of UC Browser on your Windows PC is mentioned below. But before proceeding to the downloading process, you must know the amazing features of the browser and what makes it great browser over the internet today.

UC browser is meant specifically for your mobile and PC which lets you enjoy a seamless experience. While this browser is the best thing you can look forward to, you must always invest in the browsers that are free and safe. It is a highly recommended browser which displays the results in a more promising fashion. You can look for these browsers which are either a hit or a miss and when it comes to windows OS you are surely a winner.

Processes for Downloading and Installation of UC Browser for PC:

The easiest way to download the UC Browser for PC is by visiting the official website of UC Browser. You must prefer downloading the .exe file from the website. The process of downloading and installation of the browser on your Windows PC is mentioned below.. Read More

Simple Ways of Securing Important Information On Your Smartphone

The most dreadful security threat to your phone occurs when it is stolen or lost. Because many of us use our cell phones for private transactions like online banking. And we use our mobile phones to store most of our personal information, we are more at increased risk of security breaches when we misplace or loss our phones.

Other security breaches may come with downloads from third party apps and visiting insecure websites which exposes you to an increased risk of mobile malware.

With all these attending risks that come with the use of our mobile phones, we had better devise reliable means of improving the security of our phones. >Many times, simple measures are all we need to keep safe even when we loose our smartphones or are hacked or attacked by malware. Here are some simple ways to help you secure your personal data in the advent of any unforeseen security breach.

Be Careful What Apps You Download

Restrict downloads only to trusted apps and ensure you download from trusted stores always. Take your time to check the ratings and reviews of the apps you wish to download before going ahead with those downloads. Check their privacy policy too. Different apps demand access of different features from you. Apps that demand fewer features are best for you. You should also be comfortable with the access you choose to grant your app.

Have A Backup For Your Data

Ensure you have a backup storage place for the files, videos, photos, apps and other data on your phone. You can save your data automatically using the cloud service. You can also save all your phone’s data on your PC.

Use Remote Wipe

If you use the remote wipe feature on your phone, you can wipe out all your phone’s data remotely if it gets lost or stolen. This feature can also help you identify the location where your stolen phone is being used. You should also use an app locker to secure your phone against hacks and unauthorized data access to your phone. Follow these simple tips and your phone has got the protection it needs from external hackers, spies and thieves.

How To Save Your Water Soaked Cell Phone

Oops! Your phone fell in the bath! Your kid threw it in the closet! It dropped in a bowl of water in the kitchen or just got wetted by rain! Not to worry, it’s not over, it’s not the end of your phone. You can make your wet phone work again.