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5 Tips to Boost Battery Life Of Your Android Smartphone

Android smartphones have great features that has endeared them to many users. While we enjoy its many great features, one hitch we all have to combat is sustaining its battery life.

With more upgrades to Android smartphones such as larger and brighter screens, more sleek designs, faster quad-core processor, shift from 3G to 4G networks and more multitasking functionalities, come the added pressure on battery space and battery life. It is hard nowadays, to find an android smartphone whose battery will serve you a full day without needing recharge before the end of the day. Here are tips to help you extend the battery life of your smartphone while you use them:

Dim Screen Brightness

Those bright colourful displays on your smartphones consume lots of power. Turn the brightness of your screen to the lowest degree you can function with. This will minimize yourpower consumption and leave your device with more power to engage other pressing phone needs. Another way to save battery life used to power your phone’s brightness is to turn on your device’s auto-brightness. This feature uses ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of your screen to suit your need per time.

Turn Off Bluetooth And WiFi

Another feature that quickly drains your battery life is your Bluetooth and WiFi use. So turn them off when they are not in use to save your battery life. Make it an habit to turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi as soon as you are done transferring those files.

Close Apps Running In The Background

Your smartphone allows you to multitask. You can open and use more than one app at a time. This is probably the most interesting feature of the Android phone. But every app you run consumes power and drains your battery faster.So when you are done using an app, close it. This would reduce your power consumption and extend your battery life.

To close apps you are no longer using, tap the multi-task button and swipe those apps off.

If you want to know the apps that consume more power and those apps that consume less power, check your battery monitor. Most smartphones have this feature.

Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications

Every time your phone’s screen light up to show notifications from your various apps, your phone consumes power. And you know these apps frequently send news, updates and various other messages.So turn off unnecessary notifications to preserve the battery life of your smartphone.

Turn Off Vibration

Some people put their phones on vibration to keep their ring tones from making audible disturbances when they are in a meeting or out for a function. But your phone burns a lot more energy when it is on vibration than when it is on ringtone.

You should rather put your phone on silence if you want to avoid disturbance when your phone rings. You can then put your phone right before you so you would see your in-coming calls or messages if you don’t want to miss them. These tips would prove very useful in helping you prolong the battery life of your Android Smartphone. This way, your phone would serve you better!