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8 Ways to Stay Safe at Water Parks

While taking your kid to a water park could be a great idea, people often get carried away in the midst of all the thrill! That is why, when you prepare yourself for a relaxing sunbathing and swimming experience, don’t forget to prepare your kid too.

Sure, water parks can sound like a lot of excitement and fun, but they can quickly turn into something horrifying if you are not careful enough. But if it’s your first time ever to a water park, then there are some safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Wear A Life Vest

A life vest is a must! No matter how many tantrums your kids throw not to wear it, make sure to make them wear the life vest. Nothing is more important than your children’s safety, so if your child is entering into a pool, you can be tension-free if they are wearing the vest.

You Should Know How To Swim

The whole idea of going to a water park is swimming. If you do not know how to swim, then you must take classes before going to a water park. Or at least take a one-week class so that you can know and learn the basics of swimming. However, after a one-week class, you are still skeptical about your swimming, you can simply avoid going to the water park.

Know The Rules

Every water park has its own set of rules which the swimming instructors tell you. Make sure to listen to those rules carefully. Additionally, warning signs and strict instructions are also hung on the entry of all the pools and slides. So, before entering them, make sure to read the rules about height and weight.

Keep The Kids In Shallow Pools

Usually, water parks have a separate section for kids. So, if you are with your kid, then you can drop your kid in the kid’s pool. However, if there is no such section, then you must survey the area and pools by yourself and guide your kid to only play in specific pools that have shallow water. Any pool with a water level above your kid’s height is a big no!

Keep Your Kids In Your Sight

It doesn’t matter if your kid is an outstanding swimmer or an average swimmer; mistakes can happen anywhere. Also, water parks are not like your backyard pool. They are huge. Thus, make sure to keep your kids in the kid’s pool and never out of your sight. Furthermore, if you are an adult, then you should keep an eye on all the kids as it is your general and moral responsibility to look after the safety of the kids.

Know Your Limits

If you are a weak swimmer or do not know how to swim, then you must know your limits. Avoid the area that has deep waters. Also, choose the rides and slides that do not dump you in the deeper waters. Moreover, do not try to avoid wearing a life jacket. This rule applies to everyone and especially to those who do not know how to swim.

Locate Lifeguards

The lifeguards are very well trained and automatically keep their eyes on kids and people who do not know how to swim. However, still, once you enter the water park, immediately look for the available lifeguards on your side and keep them in your sight as well. This way, if god forbid something happens to your loved ones, and they start drowning, you can immediately call out the guard.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day at the water park, as being in the sun all day can leave you dehydrated. Also, try to avoid drinks that have sweeteners and sodas, as they can also dehydrate you more quickly.

Additional Safety Tips

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Moreover, once you enter the water park, quickly survey the area to see where the pools with higher and lower levels of water are located. Once you scan the area, you can guide your closed ones accordingly. For instance, if you are with children, then you can tell them to avoid the area with higher levels of water, or if they want to go there, then they must take an adult with them.

Lastly, to avoid any slipping accident, you can provide your kid with swimming shoes. Swimming shoes are designed for kids to wear in places like water parks. The grip of the shoes is so strong that you need not worry about your child falling down due to the slippery floor.


Of course, if you are going to a water park, then having a good time is your focus, but safety should be the first and foremost thought in your mind. Moreover, if kids are involved, then you should be more sensitive towards their safety. However, if you keep all the above guidelines in mind while going for a swimming experience, you are good to go!